Our Mission

The Adult Autism Group (TAAG) helps adults with autism in Springfield, Illinois and surrounding areas. We aim to allow members live self-directed and fulfilling lives through self-advocacy skills, person-centered planning and community support. We also educate the public about the barriers adults with autism face as they seek successful integration into the community, and advocate for the removal of these barriers.

Our Vision

People with autism can live well by learning self-advocacy skills and creating a community of support with help from peers and allies. Living with autism spectrum differences in a world where the majority of people are “neurotypical” can be a stressful experience. Many adults with autism have survived a lifetime of trauma stemming from peer bullying, continual misunderstandings, rejection by others and various forms of discrimination. Our program provides “safe space,” where people can be who they are, talk openly about their feelings and challenges without fear of rejection or other negative consequences, and help each other achieve self-determination to the greatest extent possible.